Program for calculation of the internal resictance of lead-acid batteries

What is "GridCal"?

Soaring prices of raw materials for battery manufacturing during the last years, together with the anticipation for new areas of applications (e. g. load levelling, electric vehicles, etc.) have stimulated large number of studies aimed at the perfection of the lead/acid battery. Amelioration of the battery performance (output power) by reducing the internal resistance of the battery may be achieved, e.g. by a careful mathematical analysis of the different sources of power-losses. It is necessary to predict the effects of constructive changes as precise as possible. This will reduce the costs of development.

We offer:

Upon purchase of the program you receive comprehensive documentation and our (remote) support as manufacturer. Our specialists visit you locally and instruct your employees in the use of the program.

Alternatively, we examine / calculate the grids you use and present our results and proposals for solutions to you.